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Lucky Jet game in online casino

A new gambling game Lucky Jet has appeared in many gambling establishments. This is an analogue of the famous Aviator, working on the same principle, with the exception of some graphic features. It is rapidly gaining popularity with its incredible dynamics, risk and grace from the received winnings, because it depends on the coefficient, which here can be simply huge. Recall from other similar games that it grows to 200. In this project, the system randomly increases the bet while Lucky Joe takes off. It looks really chic, despite the complete similarity with other projects.

lucky jet

Lucky Jet gambling is very popular and is gaining popularity every day because it is interesting, does not force you to spend a lot of time and can sometimes be incredibly profitable if you hit a high odd. Any player who has previously encountered similar projects will immediately find a lot of differences from the equally famous Crash and Aviator . The essence of the game is very simple:

  1. First of all, you need to register at the casino and replenish your gaming account. Don’t forget to enter the JETLUCK2022 to get the bonus. This can be done in any available way by clicking the “Top up in 1 click” button.
  2. The user places a bet. There is a handy feature for this. To increase the amount of winnings, you can make parallel bets, but if they all turn out to be failures, then the total amount blows quite large.
  3. The system automatically sets the starting coefficient, which increases or decreases as Lucky Joe takes off. The coefficients are set uncontrollably, and can change in any direction. First up, and then down, becoming a huge surprise for the player.
  4. The user only has to stop the game in time by pressing the “Bet” button. To win at least something, do not rush to make big bets. It is better to let less, but guaranteed income will come to you.

The interface, the principle of the game and even the graphics are no different from similar projects Aviator and Crash, with the exception of the character and the color scheme used. This time it is darker, more black and dark blue. Despite the great similarities, the game is still very exciting and will remain so for many years to come. According to statistics, the number of new users is constantly increasing, which cannot but be familiar.

Maximum win in Lucky Jet

One of the main questions that every user has is the maximum winnings. Recall that it is formed by multiplying the coefficient by the initial bet. In this game, it is x200. For example, if you bet 10 rubles, then it is easy to calculate that the total amount of winnings will be 20 thousand. But how often do such large odds fall out? The system is designed so that the higher the multiplier, the less often it comes across. Users can only hope for the best and expect a happy coincidence. For example, x150 odds can drop 1 time in 3 hours, which can be quite common for some users.

lucky jet Jackpot

Every beginner in the world of gambling is interested in the question, but how to win in the popular game Jet? As in any other project, you need to apply tactics. It can be any, because there is no single law of this process. To start winning at any casino, you need to try to play, manipulate bets, make your own predictions, but all this will still be approximately, because the odds are generated by a random sequence generator.

The peculiarity of the game is that the coefficient does not grow up, it changes and at one moment it could be x10, and after a second it could be x5.1. Luck plays a major role in any game of chance. Therefore, if you are lucky, then, for sure, you will be lucky, or maybe not. In any case, do not despair, because you will still have many attempts to try your luck, because getting a win with a x200 coefficient is a huge success.

Strategies and tactics

The right strategy is the key to success, but you should not adopt the methods of playing other users. Personal experience plays an important role in this process. To understand how and how much you need to bet, you need to try, make different moves, experiment, but do not forget about the random number generator. It won’t stop working even if you start applying better techniques.

Possible strategies for playing Lucky Jet are presented in the table.

Name of the strategy Coefficient for withdrawing winnings Explanation
Ostrozhnaya x1.1 The winning is 5% of the bet. You have to wait a long time, sometimes Jet flies away by x1.05.
Risky Immediately minimum from x1.1, in an hour large bets. The frequency of dropping coefficient from x100 is 1 time in 1.5 hours. The main thing is not to lose more than the amount of the upcoming winnings.
moderate strategy Withdrawal at low and medium odds without overcharging at the minimum bet. The winnings accumulate a little faster than you want, but it will still take a lot of time. Don’t rush into high odds.

The meaning of the game in Lucky Jet

The meaning of the game is to get as much fun as possible and this is the main thing. The game does not force you to spend a lot of money. You can get adrenaline on a small jar, if you act carefully.

This game, like all the others, is designed for fun and this is the main thing. As practice and a constantly growing audience show, its creator was guaranteed to achieve this. The game is addictive because the processes in it are very fast. The minimum bet turns into a big win in a few seconds, and at the same time you want to wait for it to become even bigger. But at one fine moment, Jet stops taking off and just flies, at this the acceptance of bets ends and it burns out if the user does not have time to press the appropriate button.

In this game, any user can only have two main goals:

  1. Adrenalin. The feeling of imminent loss of money in anticipation of a big win makes you nervous, especially if a large amount was at stake. For example, with just one thousand, a user can get 200 thousand, but in case of failure, he will lose it.
  2. Money. The desire to earn money always pushes people to commit various, sometimes rash acts. For example, it is hard to believe that the game pays consistently and attempts to verify this, often ending in the loss of large amounts.

To play Lucky Jet, you can download the mobile app for Android or iOS and launch the slot machine at any partner casino. The project is very popular, so it is available on many gambling sites and does not require a lot of RAM and other resources when launched.

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